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Who We Are

Woodburn Success High School is an alternative education program serving Woodburn School District students in grades 11 through 12. Students at Success complete the same high school graduation requirements as the students attending any other Oregon high school and earn a standard high school diploma. Using state benchmarks, teachers design lessons and projects that allow students to demonstrate their skill in a competency-based classroom. Maintaining high expectations for all students, creating small learning communities, integrating units and lessons and developing positive and productive partnerships with families, allow students enrolled at Success to reach their full potential as young adults.


Our Mission

Every day we adapt to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of students as they become global citizens.


Our Vision

Success motivates and empowers all students to succeed while honoring their individuality.

Our Purpose at Success is 

  • To give students a fresh start regardless of past mistakes
  • To meet every student where they are without judgment or low expectations
  • To create a learning environment where students feel safe asking for help
  • To foster a growth mindset so that students know and believe they can achieve great things
  • To ensure that every student has a trusted adult advocate
  • To provide students the tools necessary for a successful transition to life after high school